With reports that the Dodgers are the leading contenders to land Manny Machado, the Phillies will have to move on to 'Plan B' in the absense of landing Machado before the MLB Trade Deadline.  There are reports of the Phillies interest in Orioles' Relief Pitcher Zach Britton, Twins Shortstop Eduardo Escobar, and Blue Jays Starting Pitcher JA Happ.  Despite being 53-42 with the lead in the NL East, the Phillies are 11th in the National League in Runs Scored (411), 12th in Team Batting Average (.236), Eight in Team Pitching Batting Average Allowed (.242) and 14th in Team Fielding Percentage (.980).

NBC Sports Philadelphia Phillies Writer/Reporter joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday discussing what options the Phillies have ahead of the MLB Trade Deadline:

“The clear names of players on selling teams that the Phils could go after that could provide some more offense versatility: Eduardo Escobar of the Twins, a guy who is having a career year, leads the Majors with 35 Doubles, has been the best player in MLB with Runners in Scoring Position – Whit Merrifield of the Royals, a guy who is a Super Utility (player) who’s under team control for four and a half seasons, not just a half season like Manny Machado, (Merrifield is) a guy who could be a piece of the Phillies future not even just this season.  Then you look at a team like the Blue Jays; Jim Salisbury (NBC Sports Philadelphia Phillies Insider) reported yesterday that the Phillies are still interested in JA Happ and Toronto is an intriguing fit with the Phillies because you can acquire multiple pieces from the Blue Jays.  Curtis Granderson can help off the bench, Yangervis Solarte can help on the left side of the infield, and also Josh Donaldson, I think a lot of people forget about him because he’s been injured for the last two months, hasn’t played since Memorial Day….But this is a guy who was an MVP (award winner) three years ago, who has hit close to .300 (Batting Average) with averages of 33 Home Runs and 100 RBI the last five seasons.  He’s a Free Agent at season’s end as well so that’s a guy you probably don’t have to pay a ton for in a trade – So even if the Phillies don’t get (Manny) Machado, if they were to strike a deal with the Blue Jays to acquire Happ, Solarte, and Granderson that improves the rotation, it improves the bullpen, it improves the bench and it improves the infield.”

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