Before Wednesday's NHL Trade Deadline, the Flyers acquired Valtteri Filppula who is in his 12th NHL season.  During his career he has played in the Stanley Cup Finals three times and won once with the Detroit Red Wings.  This season Filppula, who is known as a playmaker, has 7 Goals, 27 Assists and 24 Penalty Minutes.

Flyers Radio Analyst Steve Coates joined The Sports Bash on Thursday to give more insight into Filpulla and his role now with the Flyers:

"He's won a Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings in 2008; you always like to try to find people who've had success.  He's had great success in Tampa the years he's been there, he's a great Centerman, very good face off guy and he's a setup guy, he's not a shooter.  And you know why he's not?  Let's put it this way, he's not a scorer because he's always looking for the pass to be able to move the puck as compared to shooting the puck....He's going to be playing between Voracek and Schenn, as Ron Hextall said he's looking for (Filppula) to setup people; so in the scheme of things, both Voracek and Schenn should benefit from this move."

Checkout what Coates had to say about the Flyers giving Michal Neuvirth and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare along with his thoughts on the Flyers down the stretch of the rest of this season

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