On the final play of the Eagles loss on Sunday they had a chance to win the game but Carson Wentz could not connect with Jordan Matthews in the End Zone.  Matthews has 42 Catches and 3 Touchdowns so far this season but also has tallied 4 Dropped Passes even though he is considered the Eagles top Wide Receiver.  On the flip side over the last 4 games Wentz has a Completion Percentage of 59.75% with 2 Touchdowns and 4 Interceptions.  So who was more at fault on the missed opportunity at the end of that game?

USA Today Eagles Reporter Turron Davenport joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday with his evaluation of Jordan Matthews as an NFL Wide Receiver and where the fault lies on the final Eagles offensive play in the loss to the Giants:

"Technique-wise, I think Jordan Matthews is every bit as good as these other (NFL Wide Receivers), technique-wise; now there are things that (Odell) Beckham with his explosiveness, Julio (Jones) with his size, (Antonio Brown) with his quickness, there are other things that make these guys different but technique-wise and as far as knowing the position, I put Matthews up against them and I seriously say that....I'm not saying this whole this is on Carson Wentz cause it's not, that man was under pressure....but you just have to make a better throw and at the same time Matthews has to turn and look for the ball sooner knowing that it's Cover 0.  I don't it had anything to do with ability"

Hear Davenport discuss what has led to the Eagles going 1-4 since their 3-0 start along with his analysis of Eagles offense and defense at halfway point of the 2016 season