As the season grows closer, rookie QB Nick Foles continues to impress and put his claim down as the #2 quarterback behind Michael Vick.

Nick Foles was just 14-18 as a starter at the University of Arizona, but in a preseason that has seen Michael Vick come out of games early with injuries and last years backup Mike Kapka out with a broken hand, Nick Foles is taking full advantage of his opportunity and running away with it. His demeanor on the field is calm and cool and he's been able to slow the game down around him which is a rare quality in rookie quarterbacks. I'm certainly not proposing that Foles should be the eagles starter, Vick is the guy and the eagles need him to stay healthy if they expect to make a run for the Super Bowl, but knowing how Vick is injury prone, it brings some comfort to know that we may have found a legitimate backup, able to hold down the fort for a few weeks should Vick go down during the season.

The 88th pick in this years draft?? From my vantage point, it's looking more and more like the Eagles got a steal. Foles has a strong, accurate arm and looks extremely poised in the pocket. For a rookie, he looks to command the huddle and he's gaining guys trust in the huddle more and more each week. We already know who the starting quarterback is going to be, but this kid is ahead of the curve as a rookie and although we'd rather not have Vick's injuries allow this kid to shine, I believe the Eagles have found their backup.

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