Former Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill said that he has a private workout scheduled with the Eagles.

Why would the Eagles be interested in Tannehill after giving Mike Vick a six-year, $100 million contact with almost $40 million in guaranteed money?

Tannehill is expected to be the third quarterback taken behind Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III in this years draft.

While there is no question that Mike Vick is the starter, Trent Edwards and Mike Kafka will battle out for the back-up position, but would the Eagles try to find a younger quarterback to be the QB of the future in the first round of the draft with no real glaring needs?

It is a little curious to see the Eagles bring Tannehill in for a private workout, even though the quarterback position is the most important position in football.  Andy Reid has shown in the past that he can never have to many talented players at that position.

Reid knows that Tannehill could be there when the Eagles pick comes up at 15 and if they are looking to take the "best player available" Tannehill could fit that description.  It would seem that the Eagles are just doing their due diligence, but one has to wonder if the Eagles are trying to send some sort of message to Mike Vick by first talking to Peyton Manning and then hosting Tannehill for a visit.

When it comes to draft day, you never ever know what is going to happen.

So the question is, if Ryan Tannehill falls to the Eagles at 15 do they draft him?

I can't imagine that they do, but nothing the Eagles do on draft anymore surprises me much.  However, I would not take Tannehill at 15, even though he is very talented, and has huge upside, with the number of starts in college and the body of work that he has, 15 is just to early to take a guy who might never be your starting quarterback.

While I commend Reid for kicking the tires and making teams around him wonder if they are in fact interested in taking Tannehill, I can't see this happening.  Right now, Tannehill seems to be the guy that everyone in the draft from about pick six down is talking themselves into.  The media and the fans are desperate to find that third best quarterback in this draft.

Because of the nature of the quarterback position, and how rare of a commodity that it is, the Eagles should be taking a look at Tannehill, you never know he could become Aaron Rodgers and fall to the Eagles at 46 and maybe they would take him there.

More then likely, the Eagles pass on Tannehill and look to take a QB in the second or third round of the draft, Looking at guys like Kirk Cousins from Michigan State, Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State or Brock Osweiler from Arizona State.