As we navigate through the COVID-19 shutdown, we have extra time on our hands to look at the careers of former Philly greats. One player that stands out is former Flyer, Brian Propp. When my co-host of The Locker Room, Scott McKay, suggested that Propp’s numbers were very impressive and he should be considered for the NHL Hall of Fame, I decided to take a closer look to see if he has an argument. Brian Propp has the distinction of being one of only a few players to have played in five Stanley Cup finals with three different teams. Not winning the Stanley Cup, however, has not helped his cause. Although, that fact should not detract from the reality that Brian Propp was one of the best left wingers ever to play the game. In ten out of twelve scoring categories,  Brian ranks in the top three in Flyers history. Brian is forth all time in games played, 790. He is second in goals scored and ranks third in assists and points all time in Flyers history. In addition to the statistics that suggest that he is Hall of Fame material, Brian was one of the most durable players in Flyers history averaging 64 games a year. Another important fact that should convince voters, is that he is the all-time leading playoff scorer for left wingers in NHL history. 

Starting tomorrow in The Locker Room with Billy Schweim we will start a campaign to get Brian Propp into the NHL Hall of Fame. We will examine his statistics and compare them to players already enshrined. Brian remains a resident of South Jersey and vacations in Sea Isle city during the Summer. Lets get some momentum behind the cause and get him voted in!!

Flyers Top Goal Scorers Each Year Since 2010

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