In Sundays Eagles' loss to the Lions, Ryan Mathews fumble late in the 4th quarter open the door for the Lions to kick the game winning Field Goal.  Before the Bye Week Mathews had been struggling with an ankle injury he sustained before Training Camp this year.  Over the previous six seasons of Mathews career he has played in 14 games only twice in his career meanwhile he has 18 Fumbles in his career before the 2016 season (a seasonal average of 3 fumbles per season).  Despite everything, Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson still is steadfast in his position of having Mathews as his starting Running Back.

Turron Davenport of USA Today joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and explained why Ryan Mathews should continue to be the Eagles starter at Running Back:

"I think he is their best (Running) Back but I think he's a guy that you have to kind of go about it with a committee.  And with the way Kenjon Barner and Wendell Smallwood are able to run that gives you a nice mix; where as you can run outside, like that play that they called on that 3rd and 2 I would have used Barner on that, I would have used Sproles on that, cause they have more speed to get to the outside...So I think they need to mix it but I do think Mathews is their best (Running) Back because he is kind of a blend of everything they have.  He brings the pass catching skills out of the backfield, he can bang it inside, he can get outside at times with the right blocking setup for him; I think he is their most complete Back."

Checkout what Davenport had to say about the Eagles Right Tackle situation moving forward without Lane Johnson along with his perspective on Eagles defensive issue in 1st Half of their loss and officiating in the game

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