Heading into action on Friday night, the Sixers are 17-27 this season and on track for their most wins since the 2012-2013 season.  After three seasons of "Tanking" and "Trusting The Process" the 76ers have repeated the benefits of patience with the electric play of Rookie Center Joel Embiid and also getting the first overall pick in this past year's NBA Draft with which they selected Ben Simmons, giving the team two potential Superstars to have as the foundation to build around.  But with the Sixers transitioning to the next stage of their Rebuild, will other NBA teams follow their model?

SiriusXM NBA Radio Host and The Sporting News NBA Columnist Mitch Lawrence joined The Sports Bash on Friday and elaborated if other NBA teams may try the "Tanking" the Sixers did for three seasons:

"In terms of losing consistently for three or four years, no, nobody’s going to do that, they’re not crazy enough to. You gotta have sponsorships and you gotta be relevant; You might tank a year or two at the tops.  But nobody’s gonna tank as much as the Sixers did, and by the way (Ben) Simmons has to get on the floor and show that he can hold up too.  And the (Jahlil) Okafor pick is still a bad pick. But you know what Philly has to start winning big (for NBA teams) to say 'wow this thing really worked out'. (They) aren’t gonna do anything within half a year when they still don’t have a winning record.”

Checkout what Lawrence had to say about how rest of the NBA views the play of Joel Embiid, if the Sixers will make a trade before the Trade Deadline, along with his analysis of the Knicks-Carmelo saga and if anyone in the Western Conference can challenge the Warriors

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