In a time when Atlantic City is struggling, the gambling mecca could use a little pick me up, Ron Jaworski and the Philadelphia Soul are trying to provide it bringing an arena league football game to the historic Boardwalk Hall - but will Atlantic City support it?

That always seems to be the question when sporting events come to the city or try to call the city home.

We all know of the failed franchises which included the Surf (baseball), Seagulls (basketball), Card Sharks (arena football) and Boardwalk Bullies (hockey).  There was also the Atlantic 10 tournament, the rodeo, various college basketball preseason tournaments, the Sixers tried to play a preseason game in Atlantic City but the results for all of these were not good enough to continue bringing those events here and they all have left the resort for better economic pastures and crowds.

So will Atlantic City support the Soul coming to Boardwalk Hall on May 30th? Is there going to be enough of a buzz being created by the Boardwalk Bowl as it's being called coming to Atlantic City to generate enough fans to make this event a success?

"No it has to be better, I'm being blatantly honest." Jaworski admitted.  "As I watch the ticket sales, a majority of the ticket sales are coming from Philadelphia, obviously our season ticket holders will support us, but yesterday we sold 200 tickets in Cumberland county, a majority of tickets have been sold in Salem county and Camden county, so it really hasn't taken off in Atlantic county."

Can Atlantic City support a event like this?

Bringing this game to the city is more than a game, it's an event.  Live music, celebrities and plenty of things to do leading up to the game, the event will have a college bowl-like atmosphere, but will this area embrace it?

"People are watching this game, can Atlantic City support a sporting event?" Jaworski asked.  "This clearly is going to be a referendum on can Atlantic City and that city support sporting events.  Our goal is to bring more games to Atlantic City but we need support as well."

In a time when times are tough in the city, good family fun is something I hope this area embraces, but the track record doesn't give me much reason for hope even if this is something I believe will be a great event for both families and people looking for a good time.

"Everyone's working hard to try and pack the arena," Jaworski said on the Sports Bash. "The game is going to be on national TV from Boardwalk Hall, it's an opportunity for Atlantic City to show off. This is going to be a big bowl game atmosphere, we have events throughout the entire week and game day we will have bands, all kinds of activities, camps for the kids and players."

With all the failed teams and sporting events in a city that needs a lift, lets hope the area supports the Soul and this game, it would be great to have something succeed here, its time to show people that Atlantic City can support great events like this so they want to come back and give us something to look forward to