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 Here is today’s show: Tuesday, February 18th 2014

Kevin Pelton

ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton called in for some talk on the NBA trade deadline thats upcoming on Thursday afternoon. Pelton talked about what is out there for the Sixers with what assets they have to trade. He does expect Evan Turner to be dealt by Thursday and wouldn't rule out another surprise by GM Sam Hinkie.Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes are also on the block and Pelton thinks that one of those players will also be traded. Follow Pelton and his trade analysis on Twitter.

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Bob Nightengale

USA Today reporter Bob Nightengale on here for some talk about the Phillies Spring Training full-team workouts beginning this week. Nightengale has a nice piece on a conversation with Ruben Amaro in Clearwater this week. Nightengale said that he believes this bunch could have somewhat of a chip on their shoulder with what has happened the last 2 seasons. Nightengale also talks about the signing of AJ Burnett and called him a solid pickup that gives you depth and innings. Nightengale does give the Phillies a chance to contend for the division. Follow Nightengale on Twitter.

Top Tweets

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5 Questions

1. Your reaction to Phillies luck thus far?

2. Cano and Rollins getting fair criticism for no hustle?

3. Should we second guess LoLo Jones inclusion on USA bob sled team?

4. Should $$$ be the deciding factor re: Eric Decker?

5. What's your nickname?