With today's announcement that The Memorial Tournament in Ohio will allow fans, I began to wonder is spectators will be able to attend the ShopRite LPGA classic here in Galloway this fall.

This years ShopRite LPGA event has moved to the fall and will be held Oct 2-4 at the Seaview, Bay Course.

But will there be fans in attendance?

The Memorial is coming up in just over a month, from July 16-19. making it the first time a sporting event will have fans in attendance since March.

That means there will be over two months before the ShopRite LPGA takes place, so will there be enough information, and will tournament officials feel safe allowing spectators to attend the event here in New Jersey by the time October rolls around.

So do you think fans will be allowed to attend the ShopRite LPGA Classic this fall?

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