One of the takeaways from the Phillies first three games this season was the bat of Didi Gregorius.  In 13 Plate Appearances, Gregorius had a .364 Batting Average with Two Home Runs and .462 On-Base Percentage.  Before coming to Philadelphia, Gregorius showed off his power with the New York Yankees hitting at least 20 Home Runs in three seasons along with at least 55 RBI in five different seasons.  Gregorius signed a one year deal to come to Philadelphia and at 30 years old would have options this offseason, but so do the Phillies.  Philadelphia has a former Shortstop Jean Segura playing at Third Base, the expectation is for top prospect Alec Bohm to play Third Base in the near future, the Phillies drafted Bryson Stott as their first round pick in the 2019 MLB Draft with the intention of him being their future at Shortstop, and in 2020 Didi Gregorius becoming the Phillies fourth different player to start at Shortstop on Opening Day since the Phillies traded away Jimmy Rollins in December of 2014.

Philadelphia Inquirer Phillies Reporter Scott Lauber joined The Sports Bash on Monday and discussed the possibility of Didi Gregorius resigning to stay in Philadelphia after the 2020 season:

"I can see a scenario where he stays (in Philadelphia); Clearly he's going to go out on the open market in the offseason and look for a multi-year deal.  The whole idea for him was sign a one year deal, have a good year, and then parlay that into more security than he has this time round.  So he's going to have a limited season in order to do that but if he has a good year...he's still in early 30's, relatively young enough, to get a two or three year deal.  Bryson Stott is more than one or two years away - If it lines up I could see (Gregorius resign with the Phillies); They could also side Jean Segura back to Shortstop and Alec Bohm presumably is going to be ready to play Third Base at some point either this year or next so they have some options there.  But Didi did have a very, very good first weekend with a couple Home Runs and looked like every time he hit it hard.- It's a two months for him because he's certainly playing for a multi-year contract."

Check out what Lauber had to say about the time table for the Phillies to call up Spencer Howard and Alec Bohm, perspective on the Phillies bullpen, if the Phillies can play the rest of their 57 games before the end of the regular season, and more.

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