The 2016 season was Pete Mackanin's first full season as a Manager at the Major League level, the Phillies went 71-91 as they continue to rebuild with many young prospects on the way.  Speculation is that Pete Mackanin, despite signing an extension last year, is not the long term Manager for this team; instead that he is keeping the seat warm until the team is ready to make the next step from rebuild to contender.

MLB Network's Greg Amsinger joined Rich Quinones on Wednesday and gave his perspective on the Phillies' Manager's future:

"Pete Mackanin, to me, is in the Rick Renteria class of Big League Managers: you want him there while things are going to be tough.  Once JP Crawford is ready to go and take over at Shortstop, once Mickey Moniak is ready to take over as the Gold Glove Award winning Center Fielder, last year's number one overall pick, you can move (Odubel) Herrera to Second Base; once this team is ready to get it's new core together...then you are going to see this team make a switch.  Pete Mackanin has an opportunity to prove himself as a Big League Manager and how many times do you hear these guys say "All I want is an opportunity', he's got it!  And he's got another year to show the Phillies brass that he can give you the X's and O's and the leadership of men that they're looking for, manage a bullpen properly, not overload the innings of these young arms and get them ready for the push.  So I don't expect a long term fit for Pete Mackanin, I think he is a good baseball guy but chances are my friend Larry Bowa will be a Bench Coach for another Manager two years from now"

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