The Wings entered their Friday night matchup on a two-game losing streak, facing a team they took to overtime in their previous encounter. The primary focus for the Wings in this game was to maintain a tight offensive strategy, preventing the goal gap from widening to a point of no return.

In the first quarter, the Wings successfully kept the score close, ending with a tied score. However, the second quarter saw the game starting to slip away from them. A Coach’s Challenge against Halifax on their goal at 11:12 deemed the goal no good, maintaining the tied score. However, less than a minute later, Halifax replied with a goal to reclaim their lead. The Wings managed to tie the game 20 seconds later but then conceded three unanswered goals, making the score 6-3 in favor of Halifax. Despite scoring two goals in the final five minutes of the half, the Wings could only bring it within one.

Emerging from the first half trailing by a single goal and with a shot differential of three, the Wings found themselves in a favorable position. In a span of two minutes, Halifax scored five goals, putting them up 11-5 and prompting a goalie change for the Wings. The Wings managed to get on the board with 9:44 left in the third, adding four goals before the period ended to bring them within two. The game remained close throughout the fourth quarter, with another Coach’s Challenge from Halifax maintaining the score at 14-13 in their favor. However, the Wings scored in the final minutes of the fourth, pushing the game into yet another overtime. Unfortunately, this game did not end the same as the previous, with Halifax scoring at the 14:39-minute mark in overtime.

The Wings will have a week off before hitting the road to face the Las Vegas Desert Dogs on Feb 16th at 10 pm EST.

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