The Wings ended their 20-day game break with a primetime matchup against the San Diego Seals. With the Seals rolling in hot after handing the Albany Firewolves their first loss of the season after a fourth quarter rally last week, the Wings had their work cut out for them. After not being able to capitalize off of power plays and suffering goals during penalty kills, the Wings main focus coming into Saturday night was offense. 

During the first quarter, the Seals strike first at 13:44, but don’t keep the lead for long with a goal 37 seconds later from LeClair to keep the game even. Despite once again creating an even game, the Seals went the remainder of the period scoring four unanswered goals.

The Wings were able to tack on a goal early in the second, but after a coach’s challenge from the Seals the goal was overturned and ruled no good. Despite the setback, the Wings were able to tally two more goals on before the end of the half. The Seals didn’t go out without a fight and were able to add one more to their total with a goal from Wesley Berg.

In honor of the Emo Evening the team was hosting, halftime brought a concert for fans. In the Party Zone a crowd gathered to hear The Starting Line perform. The band squeezed in four songs in the stretch of the halftime keeping the crowd loud and excited, while playing their biggest hometown show ever.


Feeling the buzz from the concert and the crowd, the wings came out strong in the second half. In the 3rd quarter the Wings were able to close the scoring gap to only two, the score after the 3rd being 8-6, after goals from Riorden and Resetarits. Also fueling the fire of a possibly comeback was the milestone accomplishment from Joe Resetarits, becoming the first American-born player to reach 400 career assists.

The team was able to keep clawing at the lead going goal for goal with the Seals the entirety of the fourth quarter, scoring with 53 seconds left to make it a one goal game. Despite what looked to be a successful offensive push in the final 30 seconds, the Wings were unable to net the goal to tie the game, making the final score 11-12 in favor of San Diego.

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