Now that the Eagles have made it official by selecting Carson Wentz with the 2nd overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, Scott Wright of applauds the move to get Wentz and explains why he rated Carson as his top Quarterback prospect in this year's draft class:

Jon Durr/Getty Images

"He's got the physical tools, the arm strength, the athleticism, the size, he's got the intangibles, he's a hard worker, he's a great leader, he's extremely intelligent, he's got a championship pedigree. The only concern is that he played at North Dakota State but I think what he did at the Senior Bowl went a long way towards alleviating those concerns. Now it's going to be a little bit more of an adjustment period but this a guy who played in a Pro Style Offense he's arguably further along than either Goff or Lynch in terms of his ability to handle running a Pro Style Offense right now. So I think Wentz is the total package and even though I don' think he is a Jameis Winston level prospect I think (Wentz) ultimately has that type of upside..I really like this pick for the Eagles and I applaud them for being bold and making that move."

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