Friday afternoon Al Horford met with the media via zoom to discuss himself along with the team heading into the Orlando restart.

Horford would start by saying that he felt himself finding a groove with his team before the suspension, but is optimistic of the resume of play in Orlando. He is looking at the league's restart as a "new opportunity" and says the Sixers have been given a "reset-type button" in regards to this regular season.

When asked about times that he felt most comfortable on the floor, Horford would say he liked it when the team would play an "up-tempo" game. "When the ball is moving and we are getting high assist numbers that adds a strength to our team." Horford was very passionate about the Sixers' selfless and free-flowing offense.

A question was then brought up about Horford's role heading back into play and where he felt comfortable in the lineup. Horford would lead off by saying "for me I just want us to be playing well."

Horford would then slightly shift to head coach Brett Brown. In terms of his role, he would say that "coach will have to decide how and when to play me and how much to play me." Hearing Horford speak about his fit among the Sixers he seems open to the idea of a shift in his role if it will help the team succeed moving forward.

When playoffs were brought up, Horford would double down on what the Sixers have felt all year. He would agree that this group was built more for the playoffs than the regular season. "I believe this is a second chance for us and a good opportunity" he would say regarding the Orlando playoffs.

Unlocking Al Horford has been the main objective for the Sixers throughout the regular season. Horford has now had time off to heal and refocus himself on the return. With his openness of a shift in his role, I think there is a real chance we see a different Al Horford when the Sixers return to action.

Kevin McCormick is the 76ers insider for 97.3 ESPN and 76ers editor for Follow him on Twitter @KevinMcC973.


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