You can literally bet anything in Las Vegas. was even offering up a prop bet for last night's Patriots/Colts game on how many times the broadcast would mention "deflategate." The bet even included variations on the word that included: 'deflate,' 'deflated' and 'deflated.'

Here was the specific wager from Bovada:

How many times will “Deflate,” “Deflated,” “Deflating,” or “Deflategate” be said during the live broadcast of the Pats/Colts game from kickoff to final whistle? (excluding halftime)

Over/Under: 2.5

Al Michaels, who is known for his cheeky gambling references, obviously was informed of the Deflategate bet and decided to take matters into his own hands:

“You know there’s an over/under out there on how many times we’ll say deflate tonight? Deflategate, Deflategate, Deflategate, Deflategate. Four. You won the over," Michaels said.

According to Bovada, via NY Post, all bets were fully paid out even after the shenanigans from Michaels.

Watch the video below: