There is no debating that the Philadelphia Phillies have been one of the best teams in baseball this season.

Entering their weekend National League Championship rematch with the Arizona Diamondbacks at Citizens Bank Park, they sit seven games ahead of the Braves in the National League East and their 49-25 mark has them tied for the best winning percentage in MLB.

But to get to the best mark, you have to have some of the best player, and they do.

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The team over at Bleacher Report put together a team of the best player at every position in baseball right now with two Phillies making the list, both might be a surprise.

Which Phillies made the list of the Best MLB Player at Every Position Right Now

I assume most people would think that Bryce Harper, Ranger Suárez and Zach Wheeler would all appear on this list - none of them did.

However, third baseman Alec Bohm was listed as the best third baseman in baseball right now.

Alec Bohm leads all third basemen in batting average, was tied for the fWAR lead among his position peers until Tuesday, is top-six in each slash category and sixth in wRC+.

Maybe you prefer the power of José Ramirez and Rafael Devers, or the elite defense of Joey Ortiz. You still won't find a more complete third baseman right now than Bohm, though, which makes him a cut above the rest.

Bohm has been outstanding this season, getting off to a scorching hot start, and after going through a bit of a cold spell, he seems to be heating back up again. In 72 games this season Bohm is hitting .306 with seven home runs and 60 RBI which ranks fourth in all of MLN, second in the NL.

The other Phillies player on the list?  Relief pitcher Matt Straham.

This wasn't a left-handed or right-handed bullpen arm, Straham was listed as the best relief pitcher regardless of what hand he throws with.

Across the board, Matt Strahm has been the most dominant and impressive reliever. There is not a major stat line that would fail to support the argument.

Do you like traditional ERA? Strahm has the best (0.93). More into fielding independent pitching on the ERA scale? Strahm is the leader in that, too (1.33). How about if you adjust FIP for the ballpark (FIP-)? Strahm's the leader there as well (34).

The numbers all back it up, the lefty has an incredible 0.93 ERA, 0.76 WHIP, and 39 strikeouts across 29 innings (30 appearances).

Here is the full list of the best players at every position.

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