A source tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that Andrew Bynum is considering season-ending surgery on his right knee. The surgery would be an arthroscopic procedure designed to clean out loose cartilage.

(Listen to Sixers beat writer Tom Moore discuss what's next for Bynum)

Bynum made some headlines when he finally practiced for the first time as a Sixer six days ago, however his knee swelled up and he's been unable to do any basketball activities since.

The Sixers traded Andre Iguodala, Moe Harkless and Nikola Vucevic to acquire Bynum and Jason Richardson in the offseason and have seen very little return on the court from that deal this season.  Bynum has played at all, Richardson played 33 games before going down for the season with a sore knee.

So far, the Bynum experiment has been a downright disaster for the Sixers and Bynum admitted that not playing this year "is a thought."

Bynum spoke to the media on Friday and said: "I don't really know if I can play this season," and he pretty much admitted that he does not want to play through pain.

"I'm 25. It's my life," Bynum said.  "If I am healthy, then I'll get a deal, but I have to be able to play. I need to get to the point with my body that I'm able to play. However long that takes."

Considering the lack of cartilage in his degenerative right knee, he may not have a choice. But its gotten to the point with this Sixers team that fighting through pain is not worth it with virtually no shot to make the playoffs -- even if it could affect his impending unrestricted free agency.