The off-season as thus far been under-whelming, to say the least. Not that Michael Young and Mike Adams aren't solid additions, but who knows if an offer was ever really made to Josh Hamilton and now the Phillies appear to be chasing guys who are not nearly as good as the guy they traded away back in the summer.

But here's the thing, is fan disappointment all for naught? Are the Phillies really harboring a roster of All-Stars? Is Ruben Amaro some kind of evil genius who sees something we don't in this group of guys?

Those of you who read often know we all enjoy Bleacher Report. Sometimes, the folks over there throw together some real gems. Turns out, they might be on to something here.

They broke down 7 players currently on the Phillies roster and explained how and why that player could be an All-Star this coming season. So, click on the name to read the Bleacher Reports explanation for each player and then tell us what you think.

Now we want your two-cents. Take our survey and tell us if you think any of these guys have the potential to be an All-Star in 2013.