We have heard a lot of analysis from people who are either NFL Insiders, Reporters, Agents, etc. but what about the perspective of a former NFL player on the Sam Bradford situation with the Eagles?

Anthony Becht played Tight End for 11 seasons in the NFL and saw first hand during his time as a New York Jet when the team drafted Chad Pennington in the first round as the replacement of current starting Quarterback Vinny Testeverde.

Becht says that if Bradford goes out and does his job, he will have more leverage over his situation with the Eagles next season:

"I think if you can get a Quarterback second pick overall, you're spending 22 million dollars over 5 years which isn't that much money when you spread it out and you get a year to kind have him sit back and just try to better himself not only as a Quarterback playing the position but just mentally what it takes to play in that game, then your expectation levels rise over a year, you expect him to compete a little harder he knows the system.

Listen this could be a two year process, I mean if Sam (Bradford) does his thing, if you're a player you wanna force the team to be in the pickle, you don't want to give them reasons to pull and take away from you. So if I'm Sam Bradford, I'm saying 'You know what? Fine go draft your guy, I'm going to come out, I'm balling out this offseason, I'm working my butt off, I'm gonna come in prepared, come in firing on all cylinders, I'm going to know this system like the back of my hand, and I'm going to have a huge season.'

If he does that, he has a lot more marbles in his corner than maybe some second/first year rookie does moving into the season. So to me, I think he still holds the cards, he's making a top tier salary this year, go out and do your job. And then if it doesn't work out and you want to hold out or something goes on, then the next year you got a little more leverage that thing if you prove to this coach and the organization that with this new tenure, things work out better for you."

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