Ben Simmons made his return back to the lineup against the Milwaukee Bucks after missing one game due to lower back stiffness.

Early in the first quarter, Simmons went hard to the rim which looked like a routine layup. It resulted in noticeable discomfort as he went into the locker room to get checked out.

The ESPN broadcast informed listeners that this would be a common sequence for Simmons and the Sixers throughout the game to work on his back.

Shortly after, it was official that he would not return after irritating his lower back. The loss of Simmons is going to make "stopping" Giannis Antetokounmpo insanely tougher than it already is.

Brett Brown is going to have to be super creative with his rotations and game plan if the Sixers are going to pull this win out in Milwaukee. Is the outcome of this individual game important though? It's not when you compare it to the health of the All-Star point guard.




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