Ben Simmons has been making a strong case early in the 2017-18 season to be the leading candidate for the NBA Rookie of the Year award averaging 18.7 Points, 7.6 Assists, and 9.2 Rebounds averaging per game along with shooting 52.3 Field Goal Percent.  Simmons has tallied 11 Double-Doubles this season which is the most by any player in their first 16 games since Shaquille O'Neal in 1993.

Sixers Head Coach Brett Brown joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and discussed Ben Simmons playing the role of Point Guard for the 76ers:

“When we first looked at him at LSU, it was clear he had a real desire to pass and he had a skill to match his desire and we decided to try to make him a Point Guard.  He had been a (Forward) most of his life…and that was met with a lot of skepticism – You know maybe (Simmons) too wasn’t too sure we were doing the right thing.  Over time he loves the position, he wants the ball, and he’s embraced that responsibility.  The evolution of Ben (Simmons) is going to be now the intellectual part of that position – But I’ll tell you what, so far he has exceeded all expectations in our eyes.”

Hear what Brown had to say about Joel Embiid, Robert Covington and more about the Sixers at 9-7 this season

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