We are about nine weeks away from what would be the start of the opening of NFL training camp, however the city of Philadelphia isn't opening until June 4, meaning the NovaCare facility where the Eagles practice and workout is still shutdown.

With that, the Eagles are unable to workout together and all meeting are happening virtually via Zoom meeting on the computer.

ESPN National NFL reporter Sal Paolantonio, appearing on NFL Live talked about the difficulties the team is having trying to build team chemistry virtually.

"The challenge is working through a computer screen and not face to face," Eagles head coach Doug Pederson told Paolantonio via text message. "Can’t build chemistry that way."

Here shows the difficulties teams are facing, some states are open, allowing players to work out together, while other are closed and players have to try and build chemistry virtually.

One area this becomes a challenge is the quarterback room. The Eagles are trying to bring along second-round pick Jalen Hurts, which might proceed slower than normal admits Pederson.

"Jalen is about, right now, just learning and picking up our system," explained Pederson on Tuesday in a Zoom meeting with the media. "He’s another one, another young player that we drafted who, there's a lot to learn from the quarterback position.

"So, are we going to take it a little bit slower maybe with him until he grasps the offense? You might have to. What I like about it is always the unknown, and the unknown is how well a guy I think can progress. And then once we get him on the grass, put him through drills, put him through practices, then we see exactly what these guys are all about."

This is all happening as the Eagles have a new player, they are trying to add to their system, while trying to find ways to become more dynamic and creative, assuming that is why the Eagles brought Hurts in to the mix

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