Once the news broke that Dario Saric might be unhappy with his situation in Turkey, speculation immediately arose about whether or not it was possible to bring the talented forward over to the NBA earlier than expected.

(Listen to Sixers Insider Derek Bodner discuss Dario Saric's contact situation)

Saric, who just signed with Anadolu Efes a few days before the 2014 NBA draft, has yet to dress in their first two Turkish League games.

To start this off, this is all extremely premature. First, at this point all that we have is a translation of quotes from his father. Saric and his father have an interesting relationship, alternating between reports of Pedrag Saric being a key decision maker to occasionally being at odds with his son. While it sounds like he is in communication with his son and speaking to his wishes, it would be helpful if we could get quotes from Saric directly.

Second, it's been two games. There are plenty of incentives, including financial, for both sides to work this thing out. That's not saying that Saric isn't frustrated. I'm sure that he is. But if Saric begins to get acclimated to his teammates, begins to see the court, and his playing time steadily increases over the year, this will likely be looked back at as a minor bump in the road. The situation will have to become untenable for the status quo to really change, and thinking that we're there after two non-Euroleague games is a little bit premature.

(Related: part of the issue is the foreign player quota in the Turkish Basketball League, which stipulates that only 6 foreign players can dress for a game. That issue does not exist for Euroleague games, with Efes beginning Euroleague play tonight. It will be interesting to see whether Saric gets any playing time during these games).

That being said, it's worth exploring Dario Saric's contract situation, what the Sixers can and cannot do towards that, and what options he is left with if the situation does continue to worsen and it ultimately becomes an untenable situation for both the team and player.