The Eagles head into the off-season after a 7-9 season where we saw the positives for the future with Carson Wentz and Jordan Hicks but the negatives with obvious areas of need at Cornerback and Wide Receiver.  Howie Roseman's official title is Executive Vice President of Football Operations but many view him as the De Facto General Manager and all eyes will look to see how he handles filling the needs of this team in the NFL Draft and Free Agency.

Turron Davenport of USA Today Eagles Wire joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and explained why he thinks Howie Roseman is the right man for the job:

"I think Howie is the right guy and I think he's the right guy with a nice supplement of Joe Douglas and Andy Weidl.  I think Howie needs to go ahead and take a step back and let them handle the draft situation and he handle the other front office stuff.  Signing Rodney McLeod was an excellent move; signing Brandon Brooks was a really good move.  Nigel Bradham was possibly one of the best value signings in the NFL this past year, that's how highly I think of Nigel Bradham.  But when you look at the Brent Celek contract that was a bit questionable so there's give and take but I think if he allows Joe Douglas and (Andy) Weidl to incorporate that (Baltimore) Ravens (NFL Draft) style of 'Hey look, this is our player that we want and we're going to take him regardless of what other people think"; I think that mindset and that mentality, that whole change over of scouting I think can help this team.  So there's a balance there now that I think will make me trust Roseman even more because now you have that give and take, he doesn't have the be the End All-Be All on the Draft side of things as well.  I think their scouting department that they have in place now is outstanding."

Hear what Davenport had to say about potential options for the Eagles in Free Agency and the NFL Draft along with his analysis of the Eagles Offensive Line and Zach Ertz

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