Eagles running back DeMarco Murray led the NFL in rushing and now he's is leading the Eagles backfield.

Signed this offseason to change the Eagles running game, Murray is a big bruising running, different from the more flashy LeSean McCoy.  The Eagles are hoping Murray can wear down opposing defenses and keep the Eagles offense on the field more, helping to keep the Eagles defense off-of-it.

We know the NFL is a business and last year Murray was the best running back in it, but one has to wonder if Murray has a bit of a chip on his shoulder for the way the Cowboys just let him walk to their NFC east rival.

"It was definitely a difficult process," Murray admitted on Mike and Mike on 97.3 ESPN.

"This is my first time ever experiencing free agency, I understand the business aspect of the NFL.  It's a great business to be a part of and it was all business, there was no hard feeling from my side and their side I believe, I think they made the best decision for their team and I made the best decision for myself and my family."

So was the league's leading rusher close to heading back to Big D?

"Definitely," Murray stated.  "Through the entire season including free agency up until the start of it, I thought that I  would be with the Cowboys, but obviously it didn't happen and I was fortunate and blessed enough to work something out with the Philadelphia Eagles and I am happy with the decision I made."

Murray has been injured multiple times during his Cowboys career, and averaged a whopping 24.5 carries per game for Dallas last year on his way to a league-leading 392 carries and 1845 yards.

"There wasn't any concern (about the amount of rushes last year)," Murray explained.  "I take care of my body in the offseason, I felt great, it wasn't a problem as all, there wasn't any times I was missing practice throughout the course of the week besides when I hurt my hand I felt amazing."

So what brought the league's top rusher to one of his former teams biggest division rival?

"It was the perfect fit for myself," Murray said.  "With the type of team that they have, offensively they run the ball and that's what they are known for doing and its a good fit, they have a good young team."

While McCoy was more of a flashy runner, Murray will try to wear defenses down, something the Eagles really valued about him.  With the way Chip Kelly and the Eagles intend to use him, Murray believes this offense is a better fit for him than the one in Dallas.

"There's just so many ways to get the ball in space, there are so many different guys, it's a fast paced offense with a lot of weapons."

Those weapons, including running back Ryan Mathews, should help to keep Murray fresh his season and cut down the amount of carries he compiled in Dallas. Kelly has expressed a desire to spread the ball around a bit more with Murray, Mathews and Darren Sproles all sharing time in the backfield.

(Listen to DeMarco Murray on Mike and Mike)