The struggles of the Eagles over the last six games have also had an effect on Rookie Quarterback Carson Wentz as the team has asked more of him then what you would want to ask of a player in his first season in the NFL.  Wentz has been Sacked 14 times while throwing Five Touchdowns, Seven Interceptions and compiling a 63.18 Completion Percentage over that stretch. NFL Insider KC Joyner on The Sports Bash Monday says Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson needs to do more to help Wentz with his throwing mechanics:

"Doug (Pederson) has been in the NFL a long time and he should know that, you have a rookie quarterback coming into the league, they talk about it all the time: The rookies will do fine 8-10-12 weeks at best and then finally they are used to playing that length of a season once they get past that length. I know he played for an FCS team that had a longer season, but still it is not usual to play that many games for that long. I think that he’s probably running into your typical rookie wall and as a coach you do not want to just be saying you need to fix your mechanics. You need to find a way for him to fix his mechanics. You need to find a way to help him deal with the idea of getting through a 16 week season. So I am more in Wentz’s camp saying yeah maybe his mechanics are struggling a bit but that is not the reason why this offense is in the shape it is in right now."

Checkout what Joyner had to say about the origin of the offensive struggles, his perspective on the problems on the Eagles defense, along with review of NFL Week 13 results