BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Walking around the Philadelphia Eagles media session on Wednesday, one sight caught a lot of attention. It was Defensive Tackle Fletcher Cox sitting on his riser wearing a green Eagles mask, and enjoying every moment of it.


“It was a gift from a reporter from Mexico,” Cox explained. “I hope he knows he is not getting it back.”

Cox took questions related to the Super Bowl and the X’s and O’s of the game. He also discussed the Eagles’ loose attitude the week of the big game.

“If you come here tight it is not good,” Cox said. “We talk to guys who have been in Super Bowls before and they said you can’t go into this thing uptight. You got to have fun when it is time to have fun and also be professional about it at the same time. We have practice later today and that is what is really important.”

The players have handled the Super Bowl spotlight very well thus far. They are working hard when it is time to work and playing hard when there is down time.

Defensive End Brandon Graham likes to take walks around the Mall of America, which is connected to the Eagles team hotel. He happened to run into a few Patriots doing the same thing.

“That was cool,” Graham smiled. “It made me want to play the game right there. When you see guys from the other team that you know you are going to play this week it was one of those times when I want to get in my zone and let them know how it is going to be on Sunday.”

Rarely do you find Graham without a smile on his face. He was given the same mask that Cox was wearing. It sat on the table next to him. Graham appears to be truly soaking in the Super Bowl experience.

“I have enjoyed the week so far,” Graham stated. “But today is the day when we have to turn that switch on. We have to prepare for Tom [Brady] and those guys because it is game week.”

The Eagles hit the practice field at the University of Minnesota on Wednesday. They are scheduled to meet with the media again on Thursday.

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