You know that Geico commercial about witches and brooms and happiness?

Seems the Eagles are doing their fair share of cleaning lately, which may be indicative of sweeping changes that would make Birds fans giddy.

The team has fired its senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Tim McDermott, according to Ruben Frank of CSN Philly.

"McDermott was one of the top executives in the organization, listed below only owner Jeff Lurie and team president Don Smolenski in the team’s executive administration hierarchy."

That makes for the second fired official in less than a week's time.

In other words, the winds of change are a' gusting at Novacare, which could imply Andy Reid's leash is increasingly short, if not pulled altogether already.

That read is especially in bounds given that just Tuesday, the team cut ties with Rod Zeiger, VP of communications.

Given the similarities between the two positions -- they basically work to mold the team's corporate face -- that could simply mean that Lurie wants to give his marketing a face lift.

Or it could be indicative of a jarring shift of organizational direction.

Ultimately, as we noted before, until Reid is actually fired, it's not a lock to.