Quarterback Matt Barkley of USC was still available after the first two days of the 2013 NFL draft - the Eagles wasted no time making sure they got their man.  The Eagles traded up with the Jaguars to select Barkley with the No. 98 overall pick, sending Jacksonville the Nos. 101 and 201 picks.

While many thought Barkley would have been a first round pick if he would have entered last years draft, the Eagles obviously thrilled to grab him in the fourth round and Barkley won't let his slide bother him.

"I try not to get stressed about things I can't control," Barkley said when asked about his drop in the draft from likely first-rounder in 2012 to No. 98 overall. "I'm just glad I know where my home is and I can't wait to hit the playbook."

Some of the positives about Barkley, is that he gets rid of the ball quickly and consistently makes quick, accurate throws on short and intermediate passes.  He has he ability to lead receivers and his accuracy on timing routes is impressive.

"We're going to take the best value on the board," coach Chip Kelly said, adding the Eagles rated Barkley in the top 50. "There's a prime example. The best value on the board by far was Matt. He's an extremely mature young man, intelligent, articulate. He has that 'it' factor."

Barkley wrapped his college career with a 64.1 completion rate and 116:48 TD-to-INT ratio as a four-year starter in USC's pro-style offense, but maybe more impressive his the way he carried himself during his career.

“Just how he carries himself, Kelly said about what impresses him about Barkley.  "You guys will see it when he gets in here. He’s an extremely mature young man. He’s got a great perspective, intelligent, articulate. There’s all of those kinds of that ‘it factor’ and Matt is one of those guys that has that.”

While Barkley maybe be composed, one of the big questions is how will he fit into the Eagles fast-paced offense that we can expect to see this season.

"From what I hear, it’s not going to look exactly the same as it was at Oregon," Barkley said.  "The team is different, the personnel is different than what [Kelly] had last year. They have a pro-style coaching staff. If they stick to that, then I’ll work in it, I’ll be a part of that offense. It doesn’t matter what we run, I’m going to give it my all.”

The next big question will be, does Barkley come in and have a chance to start right away?

“Absolutely," Barkley said.  "I’m going to come in and compete. My mindset is I’m starting day one. Whatever happens, whatever the situation is, that has to be your mindset. Coming in and competing like it’s your job. Pushing myself, challenging myself day in and day out. I think it will be great to be able to learn from Michael [Vick] as a vet who has been in the league a long time, and to learn from a great coaching staff and to push myself. Absolutely, I’m going to come in and work my hardest from day one.”

To win the starting job, Barkley  must beat out a pair of incumbents, Mike Vick and Nick Foles, both started games for the Eagles in 2012 and are hoping to do so again in 2013.

So Eagles fans, who will be the starting quarterback in 2013?

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