Are Brett Brown's days as the Philadelphia 76ers Head Coach numbered? That's become the favored belief around the NBA. It's a surprise that Brown had made it this far as the Sixers coach considering he had four-straight losing seasons when he first came on board. Granted, the Sixers were still building their 'Process,' but it doesn't happen too often where a coach survives four losing seasons with three different GM's.

But Brown did, and thanks to the 76ers' patience with the Head Coach, the process finally paid off last year when the Sixers made it to the postseason and even won a series. Unfortunately, they were sent packing early with a second-round exit. While there was plenty of blame to go around, many fingers were pointed at Coach Brown as it appeared he was out-coached by Boston Celtics' Head Coach, Brad Stevens.

The Sixers didn't have any intentions of firing Brett Brown after last season. In fact, he was gifted with a three-year extension. However, his time could be coming to an end as early as this year. Which playoff caliber coach is currently under the most pressure? Many believe that it has to be Brett Brown. As the Sixers' front office brought in new stars, and depth to add to the roster, Brown is the one who has to make it all work. And if he can't, then he could be looking for a new job next season.

NBA Insider's Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe discussed the situation on ESPN Friday afternoon. Although there are no concrete details about where the Sixers' mindset is with Brown, an underwhelming showing such as a first-round exit could spell the end for Brown's stint as the Head Coach.

A second-round exit? That could be problematic as well. Seeing as though the Sixers gave up a ton to acquire stars on contract years in an attempt to win now, there really isn't any wiggle room for Brown to make a mistake. At this point, it very well could be the Eastern Conference Finals or bust for Brett Brown.

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