ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler joined The Sports Bash and talked about the Sixers first-half of the season and what you can expect from them post break, and what the Clippers win told him about the team as they enter the All-Star break

"The first thing that stood out to me was Joel was much more committed to being a post
player and being a dominant paint force," Legler said about the Clippers win.

"In that Clippers game he spent most of his time in the paint where he was either a post-player, a mid-range, an elbow-like player. He was accepting double teams and being physical."

"Joel has to commit to do it," Legler continued. "He cant have nights where he is lazy. One of the reasons why he spends so much time on the perimeter is because it allows him to have a shorter distance to run back on defense."

"There are nights I'm watching and I don't think he's willing to do the work. Now in the Clippers game he was."

Legler also explained how moving Al Horford to the bench might have jump-started the Sixers offense for the second-half of the season.

“Yeah defiantly, Al wasn't playing well and he knows that and people know that and teams were watching it,” Legler explained. "They needed to get more spacing. You got Joel, Ben and Al out there, three guys who are most comfortable inside the foul line, and that's a problem for team spacing."

Legler also commented on who should fill the role in the starting lineup, if they are going to continue using Horford off-the-bench.

"You have to figure out who that fifth guy is going to be," Legler acknowledged. "Korkmaz, Burks, Robinson, those guys are getting try outs after the All-Star break. Brett should take 10 games and sort through that and find out who's going to start, who's coming off the bench, who is going to be the primary guy getting those minutes, shorten the rotation and go from there."

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