Alec Burks

Takeaways From Sixers Final Seeding Game
The Sixers seeding games are officially in the books after Friday's game against the Rockets. They finish their seeding games with a record of 4-4 after beating the Rockets 134-96. Here are some takeaways from the "regular season" finale...
Things to Watch in Sixers Versus Spurs
The Sixers are back in action on Monday for their second of eight seeding games. They will be facing off against the San Antonio Spurs. Here are some things to keep an eye on ahead of the action.  How will the Sixers bounce back The Sixers did not kick off their seeding games they way they would have hoped...
Sixers Add Shooting
It's a good deal for the Sixers, who give up a bunch of second-round picks to acquire some much-needed floor spacing for the final playoff push.