The Sixers are back in action on Monday for their second of eight seeding games. They will be facing off against the San Antonio Spurs. Here are some things to keep an eye on ahead of the action. 

How will the Sixers bounce back

The Sixers did not kick off their seeding games they way they would have hoped. After dropping their first game to the Pacers, it is going to be interesting to see how the Sixers respond in this game against the Spurs. 

This quick turnaround gives them a chance to wash out the taste of the Pacers game quickly if they choose to not dwell on it. The Sixers need to use this game as a chance to get back on track and start to build momentum heading into the playoffs.

How the Sixers come out in this game will be a big tell of just how strong the chemistry of this team has gotten. The togetherness and hunger we see from the Sixers in this game after the kind of loss they just had will be something big to keep an eye on. 

 Will Joel Embiid continue his dominance 

Joel Embiid came out on Saturday and was nothing short of dominant against the Pacers. He finished with 41 points and 21 rebounds, leaving his mark all over that game. Now as great as his performance was, how he follows it up will be something to watch moving forward.

The Spurs are in a similar situation that the Indiana Pacers were in. Injuries have hit them in the frontcourt and it has resulted in them running a smaller lineup. Seeing the way Joel Embiid punished the Pacers' small lineup, he should look to do the same against the Spurs.

building on the performance he had on Saturday can be big for Joel Embiid. If he can continue to dominate on the floor and play a good amount of minutes in games the Sixers become a more dangerous team on both ends. 

Alec Burks' rotation minutes 

In the final scrimmage game and first seeding game, Alec Burks played well. His time on the floor on Saturday did not show it though, logging just 12 minutes. 

With his ability to be a microwave scorer off the bench it will be interesting to see if his time on the floor grows in these coming games. After the way he was able to score and facilitate in small samples on Saturday we should see Burks on the floor more than we see a guy like Raul Neto. 

It is clear that Brett Brown still does not have a set rotation for the guys off the bench yet. One clear thing is that he needs to figure out a way to get Burks on the floor more in games. 

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