And to think I passed up a beach day for that drek.

Sure, it's only one game. There will be ample opportunities for the Eagles to rebound from Sunday's 27-17 loss at Washington - coach Doug Pederson's first opening-day loss since he took over in 2016 - and challenge for the NFC East.

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But this was billed as one of their easier games. The Eagles were favored by 6 and expected to roll. And for the first 25 minutes or so, they appeared headed for a convincing victory.

Then the wheels fell off the Wentz Wagon, resulting in an embarrassing loss that left them more redfaced than the time guard Nate Herbig took the "Pacqui One Chip Challenge" last season.

The Eagles' offense collapsed like one of the sandcastles I should have been building with my grandsons. Wentz took a beating behind an makeshift offensive line that featured rookie Jack Driscoll at right tackle and Herbig at right guard.

Prior to make his first NFL start, Herbig was best known for dashing out of the locker room last season with his larynx in flames after biting into a Carolina Reaper-flavored chip.

"It was pretty bad," Herbig said last year. "It was like nothing was really helping, you know what I mean? I just kept drinking, hoping that it would go away, but it wouldn't go away. Everything was burning, chest, everything — nose, head."

Sunday's experience wasn't much better.

Washington's defensive front poured into the Eagles' backfield at will, battering quarterback Carson Wentz like a pinata. The unit collected eight sacks, including two from Ryan Kerrigan. Kerrigan broke the franchise record with his 92nd career sack. I think 90 of them have come against the Eagles.

Despite the troubles in the trenches, however, the Eagles still led 17-0. Wentz promptly coughed it up with a pair of interceptions that led to touchdowns and a fumble that produced a field goal that would have sent Eagles fans streaming out of FedEx Field if fans had been allowed.

"I've got to be better," Wentz said after Sunday's game. "It all starts with me."

It starts and ends with the quarterback. That's the nature of the position.

Granted, he didn't receive much help from his offensive teammates. The Eagles were missing their starting right tackle (Lane Johnson) and their best running back (Miles Sanders). There were several dropped passes, including a rally-crushing one by tight end Zach Ertz - good luck getting that new contract now - in the fourth quarter.

But the Eagles gave Wentz that $128 million contract and jettisoned Super Bowl hero Nick Foles with the expectations that he would deliver in games like this.

If he keeps it up, Jalen Hurts is going to get a chance to show why he was drafted in the second round.
The Eagles have a chance at redemption next week, when they host the Los Angeles Rams in their home opener at Lincoln Financial Field.

No fans will be allowed, which might turn out to be a good thing. Still, if they struggle against the Rams like they did against Washington, even the cardboard cutouts at the Linc will be booing.

I'm debating about whether to go to the game.
Next Sunday might be a good beach day.

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