This year when the Eagles head to Las Vegas to draft new recruits to nest they'll have extra Draft Capital to play with thanks to losing some key players in Free Agency a year ago.

The Eagles have turned Nick Foles, Jordan Hicks and Golden Tate into a 3rd round pick (No. 103) and two 4th round picks (No. 145 and No. 146).

"This team needs to add bodies, they need to get younger," Eagles and NFL insider John McMullen explained. "That's been Howie Roseman's almost credo since the beginning of the offseason.


The additional picks could give Howie Roseman the ability to move up in the draft if they see a player they value. With so much depth at wide receiver, a position of need, the Eagles could draft a player in the first-round, and stock up on wide receivers in the third and fourth rounds in a deep wide receiver class.

This gives the Eagles 10 total draft picks now.

1st Round: No. 21 overall
2nd Round: No. 53 overall
3rd Round: No. 85 overall
3rd Round: No. 103 overall (Compensatory pick)
4th Round: No. 127 overall
4th Round: No. 145 overall (Compensatory pick)
4th Round: No. 146 overall (Compensatory pick)
5th Round: No. 166 overall
5th Round: No. 168 overall (From New England)
6th Round: No. 190 overall (From Atlanta)

The NFL Draft is April 24-25, you can listen on 97.3 ESPN, South Jersey's home for Philadelphia Eagles football.

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