The Eagles OTA's are in full swing, and two guys taken in the 2017 draft are entering their third season and fans are interested in what kind of season they might have.

First-round pick Derek Barnett and second round pick Sidney Jones are both coming off injuries and looking for bounce back years after showing flashes of success while they were healthy.

On Tuesday, Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz explained what kind of strides he would like to see Barnett and Jones make this spring and this summer.

"Well, both of those guys have played good football for us," Schwartz explained.

"I think the next step for a guy like Derek, he was playing at a very high level before he got hurt last year. Obviously wasn't able to bounce back from that and finished the year on the IR. With him it's a matter of picking up where he left off."

"Sid was sort of the same thing. Battled some injuries early, then had some productive time on the field, and then battled injuries again and struggled through some times on the field. I think that'll be an advantage for him going forward."

"It was a tough season for him, but he did experience some success. He saw some tough times. Persevered through it. Finished the year healthy even though he wasn't really back on the field for us."

"It's an important off-season, important training camp for him."

On today's edition of 'Football at Four', Mike and John McMullen discuss both Jones and Barnett's roles this season,  plus more on Jim Schwartz's meeting with the media, perspective on position battles, Carson Wentz in 2019, and more.

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