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Here is today’s show: Friday September 28th, 2012


Mike Vick

Mike Gill says that Sunday night's Eagles/Giants game is all about QB Mike Vick. He has to show Andy Reid and the staff that he is the right man for the job. Gill also wants to "throw out" any of the statistics Vick had in Atlanta and  just look at what he's done in an Eagles uniform.


Injury Report

Friday's at 2:45 is our injury report updating YOU on all of the NFL injuries right now. In today's report you were informed on the status of both Hakeem Nicks and Ahmed Bradshaw. Also, told you whether or not the Phillies are making a mistake by not shutting Roy Halladay down.


James Lofton

It's not everyday that you get to put a HOF WR on the line. I had the chance to grab James Lofton, who will call the action of Eagles/Giants for national radio. Lofton who played with the Eagles knows how difficult it can be to please the fan base of this city.  He got to play in a few Eagles/Giants games and always remembers getting extra prepared for the one. On Vick: Lofton says he's not as fast as he once was and he sees a QB making the correct reads and doesn't want to force anything and doesn't want to bail out of the pocket. Lofton broadcasts Sunday Night Football for Dial Global and The Dial Global Network.


Six Pack of Picks

Mike Gill (4-4-1): Falcons -7, Packers -7, Rams +3

Todd Ranck (5-3-1): 49ers -3 1/2, Texans -12, Raiders +7


Pete's Picks

Pete’s Picks returns for another season on The Sportsbash. This year me, Mike and Todd go head-to-head in a matchup of Sunday NFL games.

1 Dolphins +5 @ Cardinals

2. Raiders +7 @ Broncos

3. Chargers -1/2 @ Chiefs

Mike Gill (6-8-1): 

Todd Ranck (7-7-1):

Pete G (4-5-1):


Dave Weinberg

Every Friday at 4:05 we talk with Press of Atlantic City Eagles beat writer Dave Weinberg. Weinberg was at the Cardinals game last week and agrees with Mike Gill in that very season the team just doesn't show up to a game and the next week they click on all cylinders. Weinberg thinks the best way to attack the Giants is through the air. The secondary is not that good and with Maclin back, Vick should be able to put up some numbers. Follow Dave Weinberg on Twitter.


Bob Papa

Bob Papa, Giants broadcaster for  their radio network called in to give us The Outside View for Sunday night's game. Papa said this is the best he's seen Eli manning in his Giants tenure, both mentally and throwing the ball, he's in his prime right now and look for his play to continue at a high level for the  next four years. On Hakeem Nicks: not having him this game will have a much bigger impact on this game than last week vs. the Panthers.   Also catch Bob Papa tomorrow night on HBO for their boxing coverage.


Top Tweets

It's a Friday edition of Top Tweets!


Andy Reid on Mike and Mike

Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid was on Mike and Mike in the Morning today and Mike Gill played back some of the cuts from that interview. Reid touched on many of things: offensive line issues, turnovers, Mike Vick and much more. You can also listen to his full interview here.


Ryan Messick's 5 Keys to the Game

1. Measuring up to Martellus Bennett

2. Quick Start

3. Eagles secondary vs. Giants WR

4. Protect Vick

5. Vick's balancing act


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