As the dust settles from the Sam Hinkie resignation, how did we get here?  According to CSN Philly's John Gonzalez the issue starts with Sixers' ownership:

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

"Josh Harris and the (Sixers) ownership was taking a lot of heat from their peer group, the other NBA owners, they were taking a lot of heat from Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, about what was happening on the court, about the protracted tank and rebuild, about the way the Sixers were trying to find an advantage in the system by losing, a long term advantage. And I think they folded which is really curious because these guys in the real world, in the business world, take calculated risks all the time and make investments long term. They take risks, that what they do, that's why they make literally billions of dollars. They tried to a similar model and Sam Hinkie tried to apply a similar model to the NBA in terms of long term risk management for long term reward. And somewhere along the line because they were getting so much criticism they decided 'You know what, now were going to pull the plug on it'. I mean that to me is really staggering, these guys enacted the plan, empowered Sam Hinkie, and then they got a little heat from the Commissioner and they decided 'OK, let's put Jerry in power'."

Hear Gonzalez chronicle the events that led to Hinkie's resignation, the role of Jerry Colangelo and Scott O'Neil in all of this, along with the future of Brett Brown and the Sixers