One of the staples of vacationing at the Jersey Shore or living on the islands is visiting the local eateries in town and it's always a sunny day in Sea Isle City at the Bright Spot Cafe. After 30 years under previous ownership, the popular spot known as Shoobies now has its Grand Opening this Saturday Morning on June 10th. The establishment located on the corner of 40th Street and Landis Avenue has taken its next stage of evolution thanks to new owners Tom and Shannon Brower.

Downtown Sea Isle City for many stretches from 38th Street to 44th Street and Bright Spot Cafe is right in the middle of all the action. I spoke with owners Tommy and Shannon who are very excited about what they are bringing to the table for the 2023 season

"The previous owner, Joe Roberts, put his heart into this place for 28 years (and) he chose Tommy as the new steward of the legend he created. We have since made it our own by adding farm-to-table eggs, meats, and cheeses. We also added a true All-American style dinner, something not previously available (in Sea Isle City). We are now serving Ribs, Brisket, Mac & Cheese, Mahi Tacos, (and more) items that are not available anywhere else on the island."

Formerly the home of the town's Post Office almost a century ago, today Bright Spot Cafe is open for Breakfast and Lunch daily during the Summer months with a new Dinner Menu for the 2023 Season. The term "Farm-To-Table" is important to the Browers and Shannon spoke about why this is an important distinction for her at their restaurant:

"I am from Lancaster County - No, I am not Amish, but I was raised in a small town with families who had these impactful trades. Our eggs, milk, cheeses, and meats are from my neck of the woods from families I went to school with. Even something as controversial as Scrapple is from Lancaster County; Kunzler and Company was my kindergarten field trip. When you look at the ingredients, it’s so much better than the famous scrapples sold in other places. Even during the (COVID) Pandemic when the supply chain was such a challenge for all businesses, we knew we could always get our supplies because we could drive to these places back in my hometown."

With the Grand Opening ahead of the famous Sea Isle City Skimmer Festival Weekend (June 17th), Bright Spot Cafe is debuting its new look and cementing itself as part of the island community. Whether you want to bring the family for one of the Character themed days or you plan to partake in the Sea Isle Nightlife and want something to eat, the Browers are excited to be a part of the Island Community and for the 2023 summer season:

"We LOVE the Sea Isle community, and we couldn’t be more flattered to be a part of it. We’re actively building families’ memories (and) we’re creating lifelong experiences which, as restaurateurs, is our biggest goal."

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