The Sixers are coming off their first playoff appearance six years, it is evident that "The Process" has successfully transformed this franchise from boarder line playoff team to one of the top Contenders in the Eastern Conference.  The 76ers now have an All-Star Center (Joel Embiid), rising star at Point Guard (Ben Simmons), a two-way Forward who can hit three point shots (Dario Saric) along with plenty of salary cap space and draft pick assets to make the necessary moves to take this roster to the next level.  Some people would say this summer may be the most important offseason in franchise history; but no matter what happens "The Process" has put the Sixers franchise headed in the right direction.

The Ringer NBA Contributor John Gonzalez joined Mike Gill on Wednesday discussing what "The Process" has done for the 76ers organization:

“To this point, (The Process is) a huge success no doubt about it, you can’t look at what happened this year and where they were as recently as three years ago and think anything else, it’s just been wildly successful.  However, ‘The Process’ was implemented to be not just a ‘Middle of the Pack’ thing; there are teams and cities, Toronto might be one of them, where winning 50 games and making the playoffs and being relevant even though you’re not going to be in that top tier is good enough.  I think what the Sixers set out to do was to be in that top tier, to be in the group of teams that could potentially win a championship.  But that’s a really finite group: you got the Golden State Warriors, you got the Houston Rockets, you got whichever team LeBron (James) is going to be on, now you got the Celtics – You’d like the Sixers to be in that tier.”

Checkout what Gonzalez had to say about Celtics and Sixers as two of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, what Bryan Colangelo has to accomplish this offseason to improve the 76ers, and more

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