In the aftermath of the report about Jimmy Butler challenging Brett Brown during a team meeting, there are some Sixers fans who are taking this news as an opportunity to propagate their belief that the 76ers need to move on from Brown as Head Coach.  Even after Butler addressed the story, the dissension is strong among the fan base which has been debating for years about if Brown should be the long term Head Coach in Philadelphia.  The latest Butler report along with Joel Embiid's comments back in December have fueled the anti-Brett Brown segment of the fan base who continue to complain about everything from his in-game strategy to taking issue what he says to the media. Sixers Beat Writer Sarah Todd joined Josh Hennig and Ryan Rothstein on Tuesday to give some perspective on Brett Brown's future:

"I think Brett (Brown) is definitely known as a culture guy, a relationship guy.  So moving forward...I don’t think there’s not really a better guy you would want as far as managing young guys, managing relationships in the team (than Brown).  But the question is going to come later on, when they do make another playoff run, is the relationships are fine but is he going to get out coached again? So i think that is where were really going to be eyeing him - I was around Mark Jackson, I was there when he was fired and he was not willing to bring in others input. He wasn’t willing to have suggestions made; I think that Brett is way more open to making changes and bringing in other ideas and schemes, he is open to that. I think it is definitely no secret that he was out coached by Brad Stevens, he doesn’t have exactly the X-and-O mentality that some of the other more strategy based coaches in the league have."

Hear what Todd had to say about the Jimmy Butler situation, state of the Sixers team, perspective on Joel Embiid, and more

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