The Eagles head into their final week of the 2016 regular season with a 6-9 record, which for Head Coach Doug Pederson is more wins in his first season than Andy Reid or Buddy Ryan in their first seasons.  The Eagles have seen promise from young players such as Carson Wentz and Jordan Hicks while veterans Malcolm Jenkins and Brandon Graham had impactful seasons.  But the Eagles still have needs to be addressed in order for them to make the next step in 2017 and beyond.

Philadelphia Daily News Sports Columnist Marcus Hayes joined Josh Hennig on Tuesday and explains why Howie Roseman is the one at fault for the Eagles issues in 2016:

"(Roseman) is the issue here much more so then Doug (Pederson) mainly because the Eagles had X number of issues, he addressed zero of those issues to the degree that they needed to be addressed.  And if he made those decisions and they all missed, then that's a huge problem....Certainly next year will be the make or break year...because he's failed over and over and over again.  You have to bat more then .500 with your Draft Picks and more than .200 with your Free Agents.  I mean, especially your Free Agents; he had to cut two Free Agent Wide Receivers out of camp."

Hear what Hayes had to say about Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson's Rookie seasons along with his perspective on the Sixers glut of Centers, the Flyers transition to valuing younger talent under Ron Hextall, the Phillies future and how Jay Wright figured out how to win a National Championship at Villanova without recruiting one-and-done players

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