Coming out of the NBA All-Star Break, the Sixers on Thursday Night start their 27 game stretch run to finish the season with a 30-25 record.  The 76ers have not won at least 40 games since the 2010-11 season and this year's team is currently on pace to finish 45-37.  If the team does finish with that type of record, they are practically guaranteed a spot in the playoffs which would be their first appearance in the NBA's Postseason since the 2011-12 season. Lead NBA Writer/Managing Editor Kurt Helin joined Mike Gill on Thursday discussing Sixers pursuit to reach the postseason:

“Their schedule from here out is actually the easiest in the NBA the rest of the way, that’s a good sign – They’re going to get in (the playoffs), if somebody is falling out now it’s Miami.  If they’re going to climb the ladder that probably takes a lot, I think Milwaukee is still going to play well, some of the teams above them are going to continue to play well.  I don’t know if they’re going to get all the way up to a home series but the higher you climb the better things get.  If you got to face Toronto or Boston it’s a much tougher, even Cleveland the way they are playing, it’s a tougher first round series - You get up to that 4-5 matchup and maybe it’s Washington but they’re pretty inconsistent and suddenly you got a shot.”

Hear what Helin had to say about the state of the NBA post All-Star Break, Mark Cuban Tanking Comments, Kawhi Leonard situation, and more

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