So the Eagles are still mathematically alive....for now. 

Even after their latest loss to the Redskins, no divisional victories and a poor conference record the Eagles can still make the playoff - here is how according to ESPN Stats and information.

ESPN Stats and Information

At 5-8, the Eagles are still mathematically alive for a playoff spot. According to FPI, they face 5 million-to-1 odds. The scenario: The Eagles must win out, the Falcons, Redskins and Packers must all lose out. The Vikings must beat the Packers, but lose their other 2 games. The Buccaneers must beat the Panthers in Week 17. The Saints must lose to the Cardinals or Buccaneers. And the Cardinals must lose at least once.

So here are the eight things they need to happen:

1) Win out
2) Falcons lose out
3) Redskins lose out
4) Packers lose out
5) Vikings beat GB but lose other 2 games
6) Buccaneers beat Panthers in Week 17
7) Saints lose to Cardinals or Buccaneers
8) Cardinals lose 1 of last 3 games

Per ESPN Stats and information, ff that happens, the Eagles, Falcons and Vikings would be tied at 8-8 for the 2nd Wild Card spot; Philadelphia would get the spot thanks to head-to-head wins against both Atlanta and Minnesota.

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