With all the news about Jahlil Okafor potentially being traded before the NBA Trade Deadline and the truth coming out about Joel Embiid's knee injury, there is more drama then actual news around the team.  As usual, it's Sixers Head Coach Brett Brown standing in front of the media as the face of the organization.  He is the one who has to daily deal with the media questions, handle his players, take the brunt of the bullets from fans and media along with bridge the gap between upper management and the locker room.  Every decision made by the Sixers' Front Office over the last four seasons, it is Brett Brown having to deal with everyone on every front.

Philadelphia Daily News Sixers Beat Writer Bob Cooney joined The Sports Bash on Monday to discuss how the Head Coach is handling everything and the drama around the team over the weekend:

"Brett Brown and I have had this conversation before: when you're just honest with things and about things you can feel free about anything you're saying and you feel good about the direction you're moving because you believe in it and honest with it.  When you're not, when you're (giving) half truths and not giving honest answers to legitimate questions, sure, it leads you to believe that 'alright what the hell's going on here? Is there something more then just this? Is it worse then we even know about now?'....You look at Brett Brown on Saturday when he came out to talk, he was ticked off, he wasn't happy and he said 'Go talk to Bryan Colangelo'.  You know, that was a little frustration just coming out of a guy whose been wonderful over four seasons of not showing frustration.  And it very well might had led to him saying, why he said 'We are not playing Jahlil Okafor because a trade's going (down)' so it's not good, it's fixable obviously"

Hear what Cooney had to say about the organization having to come clean on Embiid Knee Injury, Okafor trade rumors and potential time table for Ben Simmons debut

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