One of the biggest questions for the Eagles heading into the 2018 season is the recovery timetable for franchise Quarterback Carson Wentz.  In Week 14 versus the Rams in Los Angeles, Wentz tore his ACL and LCL, which ended his sophomore season in the NFL and forced Nick Foles into action.  Before the injury, Wentz was having an MVP caliber season, setting the franchise record for touchdown passes in a season (33) and finishing the season with the fourth best Passer Rating in the league (101.9).

The Sporting News NFL Writer Vinnie Iyer joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday and talking about the Eagles staying patient with Carson Wentz's recovery from injuring his knee just seven months ago:

"There’s a lot of that to be considered here because (Eagles) need to see him do a lot of things considerably well and they also have to be careful...not to rush him out there because mobility is such a big part of his game. You want him to maybe rein-back the way he plays a little bit so he’s not trying to pull any Houdini acts and go into the pile and have more chances to get injured. But with that said, you want to keep that aspect of his game alive and around because you know what that means to his abilities on the field. You have to factor all that in, you have to factor in Foles, that’s why they held onto him and not trade him. (Foles is) going into a contract year so I think the Eagles did this on purpose; they said 'Okay we have to keep this insurance policy because we know he’s the ultimate one.' - The thing Foles has now is he can buy them a lot of time and if there’s any doubt at all about Carson Wentz, (the Eagles) should totally take advantage of that and use it so he gets a little extra time."

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