The Seahawks are coming into their match-up with the Eagles having four members of their Secondary out for the season, including Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor.  In the nine games with Sherman and Chancellor on the field, Seattle's defense allowed 18.3 Points Per Game but in the two games without them the defense is allowing 23.5 Points Per Game.  So should the Eagles look to take advantage of the Seahawks depleted Secondary?

NFL Network Analyst and three-time Super Bowl Champion Willie McGinest joined Mike Gill on Thursday with his perspective on the Eagles heading into Seattle to play the Seahawks on Sunday Night Football:

"The great teams, they figure out the match-ups, they make adjustments from week to week, depending on who you are playing against and one thing (the Eagles) are going to do with Seattle is get their (defensive) Front Seven going - they get after the quarterback pretty well....You still stick to what has been getting you those wins and what you’ve been successful at.  This team is well balanced, they run the football, they throw the football (on) the play action, they make explosive plays down the field in the passing game....You stick to your game plan and you do what you are doing, I don’t think you change much and go one dimensional and say 'hey, we are just gonna air it out because we think they are depleted at the secondary position.'"

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